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Your Tools for Health, Issue #008 is here
March 31, 2005

Welcome to the promised weight loss issue of Tools for Health. Most of us need to lose a few pounds -- many of us need to lose a lot more. What is your goal?
  • Get down to that pre-baby weight?
  • Fit into your high school clothes?
  • Look great in that size "littler-than-you-are" bathing suit?
All things are possible, but not necessarily good for you! Keep that in mind as you decide what you truly need to do weight wise to stay healthy.

Starting out, especially if someone needs to lose a lot of weight, but even if only a little, it is generally a good idea to focus on losing about 10% of your body weight. This makes the process much more manageable. It is also easier to measure progress and celebrate successes!

Just about everyone already knows how to lose weight. So why don't we? The Cause of Stubborn Weight quiz may give you an idea why a particular plan of action isn't working like it should. Remind yourself which weight loss tips you are NOT doing and make some changes. And of course, expect the best results because you choose high quality resources, naturally!

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March 2005.Issue #008

In This Issue

  1. The Cause of Stubborn Weight
  2. Weight Loss Tips
  3. Resources for Weight Loss
  4. Health Questions - Sinus Drainage
  5. What's New At Home

NOTE: To receive the best results I recommend only high quality resources. Look for herbs, supplements, and other resources mentioned in Tools for Health at My NSP Natural Health Coach and Natural Health Coach for Women.

The Cause of Stubborn Weight

Richard Ask, an acquaintance of mine and a fellow herbalist, developed the following quiz to help people focus in on possible glands which, when supported, may help make weight loss not only easier, but more effective.

What is the cause of your weight problem? Take the quiz to find out!

1. Body Clue:
a. Crave sweets, breads, and pasta
b. Crave salt (pretzels, cheese or chips)
c. Crave pickles and deep fried food
d. Crave creamy, spicy, hot foods

2. Body Clue:
a. Depression or hopeless
b. Worry or anxiety
c. Easily angered, moody
d. Moodiness or irritable at cycles

3. Body Clue:
a. Feel better on fruits and berries
b. Need coffee or stimulants to wake up
c. Fatty foods cause a tight feeling over right lower stomach or rib cage
d. Menstruation causes constipation

4. Body Clue:
a. Brittle nails with vertical (up and down) ridges
b. Brittle nails with no ridges
c. Pain/tightness in right shoulder area
d. Pain in right or left lower back area

5. Body Clue:
a. Weight more evenly distributed
b. Larger abdomen, skinnier legs and arms
c. Protruding abdomen (pot belly)
d. Lower thighs and hip fat (saddle bags)

6. Body Clue:
a. Dry skin and hair
b. Swollen ankles, socks leave creases on ankles
c. Bloating after eating
d. Hair loss at menstrual cycle

7. Body Clue:
a. Big or thick ankles
b. Round face
c. Finger joints get swollen or painful upon getting up in the morning
d. Hot flashes or history of bad menstruation

8. Body Clue:
a. Loss of hair at outer eyebrows
b. Facial hair (women)
c. Hot or swollen feet
d. Menstrual cyclic brain fog

9. Body Clue:
a. Internal body is always cold
b. Pain and inflammation
c. Headaches or head feels heavy in the morning
d. Excessive menstrual bleeding

10. Body Clue:
a. Puffiness around eyes
b. Unusual feeling of "out of breath" while climbing stairs
c. Brown spots on skin
d. Low sex drive

11. Body Clue:
a. Excessive skin sagging
b. Water retention yet feel dehydrated
c. Wake up 1-2 hours before alarm clock
d. Weight gain around menstrual period

12. Body Clue:
a. Tires easily even with exercise
b. Wakes up in the middle of the night
c. Deep crease down center of tongue
d. Waist and upper body is smaller than lower body (hips and thighs)?

13. Body Clue:
a. Thicker tongue
b. Larger breasts
c. Cracks in the corners of the mouth
d. Smaller breasts

14. Body Clue:
a. Cold hands and feet
b. Need nap around 3:00 in the afternoon
c. Not a morning person, but a night person
d. History of ovarian cysts

1. Count up how many in each category
A=Thyroid B=Adrenal C=Liver D=Ovary

Total Thyroid ______________

Total Adrenal ______________

Total Liver ______________

Total Ovary ______________

2. This will give you the main area that's causing your weight gain. It is possible to have multiple things wrong but there will always be a primary.

To give nutritional support to the body organ with the highest score, go to:

In the bottom "Select Body System" drop down box, click on "Glandular." From there, choose items you want to learn more about by clicking on them.

Weight Loss Tips

You must respect the fact that your eating and exercise habits have a direct effect on your health and appearance. When you have the skills and knowledge needed to change your attitude toward food and exercise, it will lead to lifelong weight management and good health

  1. Water - drink one half your weight in ounces of pure water each day. It is best to drink 4 ounces of water every 1/2 hour between 9-5. It is essential to drink pure water.

  2. Don't drink diet drinks, use aspartame, Splenda or olestra. Aspartame promotes sweet cravings and olestera depletes the body of antioxidants.

  3. Never eat fat free. Fat free foods are high in sugar. Be sure to use essential fatty acids. Fat burns fat. This is crucial to your health and to your bodies' metabolisms. Butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil, Omega 3's, nuts, avocados and olives are wonderful sources of good fats.

  4. Fiber is essential. Colon cleansing is important to pull toxins out of the body. Fiber helps the bowels move. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber.

  5. Food enzymes are essential to break down the foods you eat. They aid digestion and help elimination.

  6. Get rid of white carbohydrates. These include breads, pasta, rice, and potatoes. High glycemic foods spike your blood sugar and store as fat. Carbohydrates = weight gain. Go off white carbohydrates for 3 to 7 days.

  7. Exercise correctly and consistently for your blood type. Cardiovascular exercise is important 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes to burn fat. When you exercise your body produces fat burning enzymes and when you don't exercise your body produces fat storing enzymes. You choose which you one you want.

  8. Manage your stress - you can't lose weight if you are under stress. This promotes an acid body. Chickweed and Gymnema are excellent to help lower cortisol levels.

  9. Strengthen the thyroid. Herbs like kelp, black walnut, Irish moss plant and 7-Keto are a quality choice.

  10. Eat 6 small meals a day consisting of 200-300 calories. Eating breakfast is necessary to jumpstart your metabolism. Smaller meals equal less stress on the digestive system. Good quality low glycemic snacks keep your metabolism in high gear.

  11. pH balancing is essential. Your pH should be 6.0 urine and 6.5 salvia upon rising and urine should rise to 7.0 by the end of the day. You must have a balanced pH to uptake iodine, which feeds the thyroid.

  12. Eat right for your blood type. In order to achieve weight loss with the blood type plan, eat 100% beneficial foods for two to six weeks (no more than six weeks). You want to begin including neutral foods until you are doing a balanced profile. Your age and health issues will determine the percent of neutral and avoids you should do.

  13. Don't eat after 7:00 at night. Your body begins cleansing in the evening. Eating late in the evening causes the body to work harder. You are also able to burn off those calories better if you stop eating earlier in the evening.

  14. Avoid foods, which contain estrogens. Estrogen stores in fat. This is especially important as we enter menopause.

  15. Cut out sugar.

  16. Quit eating microwave foods.

  17. Love your liver with chickweed (SF formula works well here) a cup of fresh squeezed organic lemon water in the morning is also beneficial.

  18. Keep a journal of what you eat.

  19. Seek out emotional and spiritual support.

  20. See yourself thin.

Resources for Weight Loss

Before beginning any herbal program, I usually recommend clients do some type of cleanse. The only time that would be contraindicated is if one is nursing, pregnant, extrememly weakened, or emaciated. Dieter's Cleanse is one of several you may want to start with.

An interesting testimonial about Dieter's Cleanse:

"You know those women who crave sugar and get constipated the week before their cycle?

"THIS is the product! It's marvelous. One week a month. Voila, delightful results. Then a little Thai-Go and Bifidophilus or L.Reuteri the other three weeks. Mmmm."

If a meal replacement type drink is helpful to you, try Nutri-Burn in either chocolate (my favorite) or vanilla. Personally, I mix my Nutri-Burn with oat milk (or any other type milk that I have on hand) instead of water. Something you may want to try as well. It is delicious. This is also helpful for those who tend to skip breakfast -- a big No-No for weight loss!

Every body is unique. What one person needs, another may not. Use this advanced search to choose those tools that are right for you.

In the "Select Product Category" drop down box, choose "Weight Management." Then simply choose which items you'd like to learn more about by clicking on them.

Need to work on the mental aspect of weight loss? Jose Silva has developed an interesting ebook you may want to try. There is no cost. Go to...

...and click on "The Mind Connection" or just scroll down to about the middle of the page.

Health Questions

Kathy asks: "How can I get rid of sinus drainage? Which supplement would help?"

In the absence of an infection, I would use either Sinus Support or ALJ. I would probably also do some type of colon cleanse (Tiao He cleanse would be good here). Frequently when there are problems, especially with one of the elimination channels, getting the colon working at its best helps alleviate problems with the others.

If you enjoy essential oils, to the above, I would add Frankincense and/or Lemon Oil. Both are favorites of mine so I would have a hard time choosing and would find a way to use both probably via the Terra-Cotta Pendants.

Learn more about Sinus Support and ALJ at:

And to learn more about essential oils and their use in your health care go to:


Please feel welcomed to submit your questions for inclusion! All posts will be listed with first name, initials, or first half of your email address so for all intents and purposes, it will be anonymous.

What's New At Home

That's the URL for Natural Health Connections our weekly online health chat. The 'classes' are flexible and informal. You are welcome to drop in any time. I would love to have you join me on Wednesday's at 3 PM Eastern.

After you sign in, please let me know who you are -- I enjoy meeting my subscribers.

Regular Natural Health Connection classes are now being held at A Touch of Serenity and Palm Island Salon located at 318 S. Scenic Hwy, in Lake Wales, Florida. We are keeping the classes to one hour so come on time so you don't miss out on anything. We start promptly at 7:00PM.

Please use the East (across from the train depot museum) parking lot and enter through Sandy's Salon. The lighting in the main parking area hasn't been fixed yet.

Check the calendar at my herb site for updates on time schedules and other happenings.

My web log (blog) also has updates and short articles of interest. Take a look and be sure to add your comments.

Have a healthy day,


Teri Hayes is a Certified Natural Health Consultant, Herb Specialist, and Certified Reflexologist

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