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A yeast infection, also known as candidiasis, can be very frustrating because the yeast organisms attack not only the vagina (typical area we think of when yeast infection is mentioned) or the mouth (thrush), but it can affect virtually every system of the body.

I want to give special thanks to the women who have allowed me to put their personal "yeast / candida" story here. As you will see, a womans health, your health, will improve as theirs did because they took responsibility for their own health, becoming if you will, their own best health coach!

From Darcy:

"... I too suffer from yeast infections. I had planned to start back on my progesterone cream tomorrow as a matter of fact. I suffer from ovarian cyst and the cream keeps me regulated.

"I did blame a lot of the total of my health problems on my liver and years of storing xenoestrogens and toxins. I could not get my liver to flush fast enough by taking herbs or drinking lemon water. What worries me is it seems my cholesterol is only 106 as of last month when I took the home test, which is considered the danger zone. I realize this is a result of a fatty liver, so I started on the SF, and MSM.

"I had also been playing with the idea of a organic coffee enema. I had heard so much about them and how fast they can clear a liver of toxins. Well, I decided to attempt it. I bought a nice enema, douche and hot water bag combo at It is fantastic, and I had some green tea on hand, until I received my organic coffee. Well, I did it and boom, wahoooooooooooooooo it really got things moving. It is a milder solution than the coffee which I am going to do next. The next day my liver throbbed, and I had to take taurine, but every since I did the enema I have had more energy, and lost 5lbs. I really have faith in these enemas and maybe you can get the materials and attempted this revaluation yourself if you haven't done it before. You could take garlic for the yeast, and I know everyone is sick of me with my campaign on olive leaf, but I truly believe in it. You can also do a douche with it and take it orally."

From Carol M.:

"I had a 9 year bout with candidiasis; I did the diet, herbs, vitamins, etc.; the healing came through those methods and massage and mind/body therapies; especially the mind/body and spiritual connection. Once I worked out many of my emotional issues, I started to heal. I use the PRO-G YAM cream every day and it has not brought back any of my symptoms. Of course, everyone is different.

"I cannot emphasize enough the mind/body issues-in my experience, once someone has worked out the underlying, buried emotional things, the body starts to heal. I think that someone had made reference to the books by Louise Hay, and "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die". I have them, and they are a HUGE help. Not saying that the herbs, vitamins, diet doesn't help-that is a good support system and a great foundation; however, you must look inside-see why you are "molding"-see what is going on in your life and what has gone on before. I came from an abusive home-many of my issues stemmed from that (was also living in an unhappy marriage); fortunately for me, I now see why my home life was the way that it was, and why my family did what they did. Once I started to work out many of those things in my life, (and believe me, just because you have childhood issues and any other type of issues is no excuse to act any way that you want to-like some people like to do) my healing came.

"I could go on and on........................but you know, once you find your way out of the dark cave, you want to help everyone else get out too. And I think that is what we are here for-there is nothing sweeter than someone coming into the light and banishing the darkness. Also-never underestimate the power of prayer with your ailments-that was also a big part of my healing too.

"SO-hope that this helps. Sorry about going on at such a great rate, but if it helps, then that is a great thing!"

Use only high quality supplements when working with yeast infection

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