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Fitness Log That Works - Tools for Health
October 02, 2007

There I was going along just fine. I generally eat healthy foods, take appropriate supplements, etc. I do eat out a little too often at fast food places and I have some things I don't do 'right'. But for the most part I am a reasonably healthy person.

At least I thought I was…

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October 2007............Issue #022

In This Issue

  • Fitness Log That Works
  • Delicious Instant Breakfast
  • Learn About Natural Health

NOTE: To receive the best results Teri recommends only the resources she personally uses. Find herbs, supplements, and other resources mentioned in Tools for Health at My NSP Natural Health Coach and Natural Health Coach for Women.

Fitness Log That Works

A couple weeks ago, while on the internet, I came across a fitness log and began keeping track of what I eat; my daily activities, and a few other things. This is a computer program so once I started entering information, it automatically created several charts/graphs that told me quite a bit about myself…some of which I was NOT happy about.

The principal shockers for me were the "average daily calories eaten" (a pie chart of proteins-carbs-fats) and the nutrition chart (looks like a food label).

Except when eating out, I really do try to eat nutritiously so imagine my surprise to see that my fat/protein/carbohydrate intake was out of balance. The carbohydrates were ok, but my protein intake was way low. Even on the weekly average.

The second surprise was in basic nutrition. I expected to be well above those percentages since they are on the low side anyway. Not so! To be sure, I was high on most nutrients but on several minerals and a vitamin or two I was actually below the RDA!

The cool thing is now that I can look at my log and gauge my fitness – say after a meal – I can make adjustments throughout the day as needed. For instance, today I ate breakfast at restaurant with some friends. It was a higher than normal (for me) calorie breakfast. But when I got home I entered that meal in the program checked how things were balancing and have made adjustments with lunch and dinner.

This gives me far more control over my overall fitness picture than I've ever had before.

Another thing I really like is, while it does have a huge database of foods and physical activities to choose from, I can also make my own entries. I have added things like Nutri-Burn because I use it as an instant meal replacement sometimes, and I have entered supplements like Magnesium Complex and Nutri-Calm. The information from these items becomes part of the system.

I have tried other fitness logs and have made several of my own, but none have been as simple to use. Each part stands alone so I can choose to use those which make most sense for my life.

You can take a look at it here:

Fitness Log

If, like me, you have some eye openers when using the log, write and tell me what they are. I would love to hear from you.

Delicious Instant Breakfast

All of us know how important breakfast is. Unfortunately many feel they are too busy to make the time for this longer lasting energy boost and head for quick, less nutritious foods.

Here is one recipe I use for a low calorie instant breakfast:

1 cup water
2 scoops (1 serving) Nutri-Burn (vanilla or chocolate or one scoop of each)
½ to ¾ cup frozen berries
¼ tsp or less Vitamin C ascorbates
1 serving Tai-Go

Put all ingredients in a blender mix and enjoy! This is delicious and full of antioxidants.

Learn about Natural Health

Untold Truth Seminars

10/6/2007 Ann Arbor, MI
10/6/2007 Hutchinson, KS
10/6/2007 Rocky Mount, NC
10/13/2007 Acme (Traverse City), MI
10/13/2007 Irving (Dallas), TX
10/13/2007 Lafayette, LA
10/13/2007 Philadelphia, PA

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Focus Calls

When: Wednesday, October 10 (2nd Wednesday of the month)
Time: 6:00 p.m (Pacific Time)
Topic: Enhancing Energy
Guest Speaker: Valerie Greguire

Valerie Greguire is a Certified Herbalist and Natural Health consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is a NSP Regional manager and has been with the company for 15 years. In addition to working in her busy consultation business, Valerie is also a consulting Herbalist for the Equine Science Company which formulates herbal blends for horses. She has formulated many of their most popular herbal blends. Her many years of experience brings a wealth of information and insight into the exciting field of natural health.

These are intense training conducted via a tele-conference call available, at no cost, to anyone who has a touch-tone phone.

At the scheduled time dial our Focus Call number, 1-800-432-6383, and enter PIN 8626#.

Have a healthy day,

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

"Those who do not have enough time for good health, will not have good health for enough time."

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Teri Hayes is a Certified Natural Health Consultant and Certified Reflexologist

You can e-mail her by replying to this newsletter or visit her at Natural Health Coach for Women

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