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Enzymes - do you need them? Tools for Health
April 21, 2007

When was the last time you gave any thought to the seemingly lowly enzyme? Never? Well, you're not alone, however once you understand them; you will want to give them some serious thought on a daily basis.

I bring this up because in the span of about a week and a half I had 3 separate calls, each one, if not the whole subject, at least part of the issue was an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach after eating. The age ranges of these three people are from 3 to about 21.

Could something as simple as enzymes be the answer?

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April 2007............Issue #020

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  • Enzymes!
  • Great Opportunity to Learn!

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Do you ever have that heavy, leaden "my food is not digesting" feeling? The food just seems to be sitting there? I'm not saying this is definitely the problem with each of the above people, nor is it the only issue, but outside of a more specific consultation there is one easy thing to try and you guessed it it is enzymes!

Here is a personal example:

A couple years ago some friends and I took a "girls time off" and went to the beach. We ate a delicious lunch then headed out to have fun. The trouble is, within a short time, two of us had "that feeling." Not a good start when we were only a few hours into our fun mini-vacation.

Since we had rented a kitchenette we went grocery shopping for our dinner late that afternoon, and I was able to pick up some tasty enzymes in the form of fresh pineapple. My friend and I had some right away and that uncomfortable, heavy feeling disappeared quickly.

Give it a try next time you are out to eat, especially at a buffet, and your digestion needs some help. Keep in mind it does have to be fresh pineapple, though. You need the live enzyme bromelain which is not available in the canned version.

Whole foods are usually the first thing I like to try, as in our use of pineapple. Unfortunately we can't carry things like that around with us without them spoiling. And the older we get, pretty much all of us need extra digestive enzymes in order for our bodies to be able to actually use the good things in those healthy foods we are eating and vitamins and herbs we are taking.

So what to do? One of my favorite things when traveling is Papaya Mints. Truth be known, I carry a few in my purse all the time because we use them for breath fresheners, too. Here are some other enzyme products for people who, like me, want to feel good after they eat.

  • Food Enzymes
    These are my husbands favorites.
  • Proactazyme Plus
    I use this one every day, actually with every meal, to avoid that 'heavy feeling' I used to have. I also like that it comes from plants.
  • Protease Plus
    These come from plants too, and work nicely on proteins.

Great Opportunity to Learn!

Do you absolutely love to learn about natural health? I just received an email from Tree of Light and they have a great offer on many of their educational products. Be sure to look them over. Many of these books and manuals are on my book shelves and are the ones I refer to most frequently.

Here is the list they sent along with their contact information.

***Natural Health Consultant Manuals - $20 each ***
- Solving the Mystery of Autoimmune Disease - 96 left
- The Blood Type Approach to Herbal Consulting - 149 left
- The Art of Herbal Healing - 178 left
- Mastering Modern Herbal Medicine - 182 left
- Exploring the Three Secrets of Cellular Health - 245 left
- Living Longer and Loving It - 377 left
- Syndrome X, the Dysmetabolic Syndrome - 481 left
- Metabolic Typing - 486 left

***Natural Health Consultant Courses - $60 each ***
- The Art of Herbal Healing - 35 left
- Mastering Modern Herbal Medicine - 13 left
- Prescription Drugs and Natural Alternatives - 4 left

For more information about these courses or other courses visit - or call - 800-416-2887

Have a healthy day,

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

"Those who do not have enough time for good health, will not have good health for enough time."

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Teri Hayes is a Certified Natural Health Consultant, Herb Specialist, and Certified Reflexologist

You can e-mail her by replying to this newsletter or visit her at Natural Health Coach for Women

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