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Tools for Staying Focused in this issue of Tools for Health
October 06, 2006

Focus: center, concentrate, get detail, home in, hone in, knuckle down, pinpoint, spotlight, zero in, zoom in.

This is the state of being where we get things done! Not only are they done, but they are accomplished in a timely and effective manner.

How is your focus? What about the children in your life? Need some extra help?

The tools in this issue of Tools for Health can be helpful for many lack-of-focus issues including A.D.D., general inability to focus on studies, and many problems in between.

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September/October 2006............Issue #017

In This Issue

  • Looking at the Root Cause
  • What Others Have Done
  • Aromatherapy
  • Classes, online classes/chats, teleconference calls, etc.

NOTE: To receive the best results I recommend only high quality resources. Look for herbs, supplements, and other resources mentioned in Tools for Health at My NSP Natural Health Coach and Natural Health Coach for Women.

Looking at the Root Cause

The first thing to do is look at what the possible root cause(s) might be.

Are you simply doing too much?

  • What can be delegated?
  • Is there something you can safely put on the 'back burner' until life slows down a bit?
  • What can be removed altogether? Steven Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has some practical help in determining what's truly important. Toss the rest…at least for now.
What about food additives, allergies, environmental toxins?
  • Think about where you live and work.
  • Elimination diets can help you discover hidden food allergies.
  • Do you need to do some type of cleanse to get the body systems functioning at their best? They can only remove toxins when they are working properly.
Sometimes the problem stems from over activity in the brain's neurotransmitter system. Choosing an herbal supplement specific to this issue is vital. Here's what a couple mom's found helpful. The same would generally apply for adults…

What Others Have Done

My son is 13 and he's in grade 8. He is really trying to do extremely well this year because he wants to apply for science and technology school for next year. So I decided to try a few products with him to see if they would help him concentrate. I put him on 2 focus attention and super oil 2 every morning and zinc in the evening. He has never got an A+ in French and he finally got one (French is not his favorite subject). He has told me he can concentrate and keep focus more. I never had any doubt in the herbs but I believe a person also has to want to take the supplements so they work better within the body. That's our testimonial.

Donna Cox
Natural Health Consultant
Mississauga Ontario

~ ~ ~

My daughter is 12, in 7th grade. There is a history of ADHD in our family. But until this year, she has not displayed extreme Hyperactivity. She has always been active, squirmy, and never sat still very often. However, this year, when school started, she seemed to bounce from the walls, speaking VERY loud, taking repetition to the extreme. In August I attended an Untold Truth Session and Lawrence (the facilitator) suggested Focus Attention and DHA. I tried it and what an amazing difference.

When my daughter came home from school, loud, and overly animated, unable to quiet herself to do her homework, I tried it. Within 10 minutes she was sitting quietly focused on her homework. I give her 1 each in the morning before school, send another set with her for lunch (had to fill out the medication forms for school), and give her another set when she gets home so she can get her work done.

She notices a big difference and was the one who told me it was wearing off at school.

I am a believer!

Victoria Edge
Natural Health Consultant


Aromatherapy for Body, Mind, and Spirit, by Larissa Jones has two excellent recipes for focusing attention. One is called Memory Aid, the other is Study Buddy which I share with you here.

Study Buddy
9 drops pink grapefruit
4 drops pine
2 drops rosemary

Combine oils. Put one or two drops on a tissue and inhale periodically. Or put several drops in an aromaball diffuser or a nebulizing diffuser.

We have used this at our house with great success.

Where to Find Your Tools

Focus Attention

Flax Seed Oil

Also Zinc Lozenges which are fantastic to suck on when you have a cold!


Aromatherapy for Body, Mind, and Spirit, by Larissa Jones

Pink Grapefruit essential oil

Pine essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Aromaball Diffuser

Nebulizing Diffuser
This site also has some interesting diffusers.

Classes, online chats, teleconference calls, etc.

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Reminders are sent to those who live in the local area about classes here. If you’d like to be on that list, reply to this email and we’ll be happy to add you.

Did you listen to the August and September NSP teleconference calls? I highly recommend this resource.

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Have a healthy day,

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

"Those who do not have enough time for good health, will not have good health for enough time."

Teri Hayes is a Certified Natural Health Consultant, Herb Specialist, and Certified Reflexologist

You can e-mail her by replying to this newsletter or visit her at Natural Health Coach for Women

The herbs and supplements she recommends to clients can be found using this link.

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The suggestions in this e-newsletter are meant to encourage personal responsibility for health and are not given as medical advice. For your individual health concerns such as chronic or acute warning symptoms, in emergency situations, or when in doubt, seek the advice of your primary personal health car practitioner.

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