Build a Rewarding
Natural Health Business

My commitment to health business builders is:
  • Personal Mentoring - We'll stay connected via various means online and off. I also expect you to contact me with your questions.

  • Business Building Mini Seminars - Online and offline. I'll help you build the business you want as quickly as possible.

  • Invitations to all Herbal Hours that I teach - Online and Offline, you are welcome to attend and learn. See my calendar for scheduled dates and times.

  • Resource Sharing - You'll have access to every resource I have used to build my business.

If you are willing to put forth the effort to build a business, I'm here to help.

I can help you! Lets connect...

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Over 20 years ago as I recognized the importance of quality resources for building health, I chose to use Nature's Sunshine Products. Over time I have added other resources.

I began as many people do, not building a health business, but purchasing the best herbal and nutritional products I could find -- and purchasing them at wholesale for my family.

Friends began asking health questions. I shared what I knew and their health improved. They connected with NSP through me, and a small income flow started. I was helping family and friends with their health concerns, not building a business.

Now, However, I AM building a business and loving just about every minute of it!

You are interested in building a business.

With natural health as your niche,
the range of opportunities doesn't get any better
than what you'll find right here.

Natural Health Business Options include:

  • Herb Specialist
  • Store Owner
  • Natural Health Consultant
  • Aromatherapy HomeSpa Party Presenter
  • Herbal Hour Class presenter
  • Web Site Owner
  • Absolutely any combination of the above…and more!

You don't need any special training to start.

Begin by sharing with friends! I became an Herb Specialist while growing my business. My mentor taught Herbal Hours and I attended every chance I got. I studied natural health books from the library, perused educational natural health web sites. Nature's Sunshine offered occasional classes in my area -- I made a point to attend.

Today I am a Certified Natural Health Consultant, teach Herbal Hour's online and off, own my own NSP site and have created an educational site at Natural Health Coach for -- and I love it!

Nature's Sunshine business opportunity is explained briefly here.

However, I encourage you to become a member - just for the sake of purchasing at wholesale yourself first. As soon as you do that, you have access to far more business information and tools right at your fingertips. There are no required minimum purchases. Once you are a member, you can start building at any time.

Now… lets get started building your health business!

Following are a number of ebooks I've used to build my health business online. Many of the principles are applicable offline as well. The ebooks are free so you have nothing to loose and lots of information to gain.

You will need Adobe Reader (a free program) which you can easily download here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

Then simply click on the link or links below. You are also welcome to pass these books along to others who may be interested in building their own business.

WAHM Masters Course

This Work-at-Home Mothers Guide has a number of case studies of real WAHM's who have succeeded in building businesses. NOTE: These are not necessarily health businesses, however each person has some unique information that will apply to your business.

Affiliate Masters Course

I use The Affiliate Masters Course in connection with the the various businesses whose products I recommend such as NSP, Lori's Terra Cotta Pendants, and the Fitness Log I have come to rely on so much.

Service Selling Masters Course

Do you offer consultations, classes, workshops, or another service? If so, the Service Sellers Masters Course is packed with advice and ideas you'll use often.

It's exciting to see people taking responsibility for their health, and I look forward to working with you as we both build our businesses.

Teri Hayes
Certified Natural Health Consultant

P.S. Look at the last link below for a special business tip.

A Healthy Business Opportunity | Natural Health Coach for Women |Begin with Health Basics |Tools for Health eNewsletter | Consultations and Coaching | Health Journal (BLOG) | To build your health business online Many of the above no cost eBooks above are listed here, too.

This page (and the rest of the site) was created by me, a Certified Natural Health Consultant, definitely not a webmaster. Thank you SBI! for making it not only possible, but easy and affordable.