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    Best pregnancy due date calculators and more natural resources for pregnancy

    Tools, resources, references, including pregnancy due date calculators for a pregnant woman's health.

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    Antibiotic Free Meats at Some Hospitals

    A very interesting article on how some hospitals are improving the diets of their patients! This is exciting news. Hopefully other hospitals will make this a growing trend.

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    Fitness Log

    Review of the most flexible, individually adaptable fitness log ever!

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    Health Freedom in U.S. Threatened

    S. 3002, the McCain-Dorgan Senate Bill, Threatens YourAccess to Nutritional Supplements

    Senators McCain and Dorgan have outraged millions of Americans in one fell swoop with S. 3002! They have flat-out attacked dietary supplements in their newly introduced "Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010." Without understanding or respect for the detailed and complex laws and regulations of the people's treasured Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), McCain has misled the American people. On February 3, 2010, he stood on the Senate floor and said: "The dietary supplement industry is one that is mostly self-regulated"! How could a Senator make such a public statement that is so completely false? Could he be unaware of the hundreds of pages of the DSHEA laws and regulations that manufacturers must follow in order to keep their products on the market and protect Americans' access to safe dietary supplements?

    His comments about creating a more restrictive bill due to concerns from athletes that have taken adulterated products shows his inability to point the finger where it belongs. We already have laws against adulterated products! DSHEA prohibits putting adulterated or contaminated foods and dietary supplements on the market. Those laws work. DSHEA includes detailed and complex Good Manufacturing Practices and requirements for all dietary supplements. Those regulations work as DSHEA regulates foods and dietary supplements/nutrients and concerns itself with safety on all levels.

    McCain appears to want to over-regulate food and dietary supplements as if they were dangerous drugs instead of enforcing existing, effective food and dietary supplement laws. He sidesteps the safety history of dietary supplements in favor of more and more unnecessary and hostile regulation that will squelch a consumer-driven industry. He suggests additional pre-market registration requirements for all manufacturers and products. He suggests mandating reporting of "non-serious" adverse events even when there is no proof or verification of causation. This would be in addition to the current serious adverse event reporting requirements passed into existing law within the past three years.

    Americans hold that dietary supplements are not drugs, they are nutrients, generally regarded as safe, and the government already has the ability to take them off the market if they pose a risk of harm. We encourage the marketing of nutrients. It is our right as Americans to eat nutrients of all kinds without first proving, like drugs, that they are effective to eat. We care about safety. But it is our right to decide what we want to eat.

    Help defeat S. 3002! Tell McCain and Dorgan to honor our existing law prohibiting adulterated products and requiring good manufacturing practices. Tell them to aggressively protect dietary supplements as foods and not drugs. Say NO to S. 3002. Stop this bill before it goes anywhere.

    Send this letter to your senator! (PDF)

    Contact your Senator online.

    Read the original draft bill. (PDF)

    Thank you for your time and support.


    Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation

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    Health Library - Health Books for Womens Health and Healing

    Choose from a variety of women's health books, e-books, health courses, and other informative resources.

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    Family Herbalist and Other Courses

    The School of Natural Health has extended the closing date for their special tuition price at least through the weekend while they answer email questions. It's pretty nice of them to extend it to everyone else!

    So if you have wanted to learn more about how to take care of your family, or if you want to take it all the way to Master Herbalist, this is an exceptional opportunity to learn from some of the best people in the field.

    To give you an idea of what a great opportunity this is, their Family Herbalist course is normally $495 but has been offered during their anniversary year at $100.

    Definitely worth checking out!

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    "Got Raw Milk?"

    Finally an unbiased article on raw milk! David Martin has outdone himself.

    "LIVE OAK, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - At $13 dollars a gallon, the raw milk sold in a private Seminole County garage might as well be organic, white gold.

    "'If you think about what your grandparents ate, and in every generation before that, they had raw milk,' submits raw milk drinker, Tom Reitz of Windermere.

    "'Raw milk has that stigma to it. Unrightly so, we believe,' says Steve Moreau, raw milk broker."

    Follow the link to read the entire article then pass it along to your friends and family.

    Also note the links at the bottom of of the article.

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    Health Care for Hard Times: Natural remedies for everyday problems

    Wednesday, May 6

    These classes are free all week!

    Presented by: Laura Jacobs, HerbalistArea Manager, Utah

    Register for the time you prefer (Pacific):10:00 a.m. | 2:00 p.m. | 5:00 p.m. | 7:00 p.m. | 9:00 p.m.

    Presentation: Slides | Slides w/notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

    For easy note taking, download the powerpoint and type your notes directly in the presentation, or download the slides w/notes, print, then write your thoughts next to the slide picture.

    Again, there are advantages to being a member ($50 to $100 free product) but if not just enter the word "guest" in place of member number.

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    Digestive Webinar

    Tuesday, May 5

    Digestive Dilemmas: How to improveyour health from the inside out

    Presented by:Kay Lubecke, B.S., M.S. in EducationNational Manager, Arizona

    Register for the time you prefer (Pacific):10:00 a.m. | 2:00 p.m. | 5:00 p.m. | 7:00 p.m. | 9:00 p.m.

    Presentation: Slides | Slides w/notes | Powerpoint (ppt)

    Sign in as *guest* where it asks for member number.

    There are benefits to being a member but if you are not, you will still fine the information helpful!


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    Conventionally grown chocolate can be filled with pesticides in addition to a multitude of unhealthy ingredients to make the candies we love. So it pays health dividends to know where to find good organic, fair trade chocolate.

    Read this Mother Earth News article and let me know what you think.

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