A Woman’s Health Naturally
Begins with the Basics

Become your own best health coach beginning with the first "R"...


Remember the Disease Tree?

"To improve our health and return our self’s back to a state of ‘ease’, we need to chop at the root, not the limbs."

    The First “R” - Remove Toxins, Organisms and Harmful Foods

  • If you are currently eating mostly canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, add one raw fruit or veggie per day. Already doing that? Try adding one per meal.

  • Visit ER4YT to print a list of foods specific for your blood type. Begin purchasing only foods on the “allowed” list the next time you grocery shop, and since you are trying to relieve dis-ease in your body, consider using mostly those listed as beneficial. Definitely do not purchase or use anything on the “avoid” list. In fact, getting rid of these Items altogether (unless you have a person with another blood type living in your house who can use them) is the direction I’d take.

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    SIDE NOTE: At some point you will want to read some of Dr. D’Adamo’s books. Eat Right For Your Type, as the title suggests, deals with foods and is a good first choice when learning about blood type. Live Right for your Type has excellent information about optimum lifestyles for each type (best exercise types, stress management, etc.). Cook Right for Your Type is a recipe book specific to blood types or combinations of blood types. You may also find them in your local public library.
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  • Remove toxins from your environment. Get rid of one chemical cleaner and switch to a healthier alternative. I like Nature’s Sunshine Concentrate & use it for almost everything (all purpose cleaner, dish soap – occasionally dishwasher soap, laundry, etc.) The addition of essential oils for your particular uses can add antiseptic, disinfectant, or other properties. Another brand I like for healthy cleaners is Ecover.

  • Switch to organic foods. Start with produce then move to dairy and meats. Look for a food cooperative in your area that caters to the health food crowd. Ozark Cooperative Warehouse serves the southeastern U.S. They would be able to tell you of groups in your area if you live in that region.

    Co-op Directory Services (CDS) will help people locate food co-op stores and food buying clubs throughout the United States. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request to:

    ATTN: Kris Olsen
    Co-op Directory Services
    919 21st Ave. S.
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

    The Green Guide has an excellent article about starting your own cooperative if you’re interested.

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