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Become your own best health coach using the second "R"...


Remember the Disease Tree?

"To improve our health and return our self's back to a state of 'ease', we need to chop at the root, not the limbs."

The Second "R" - Replace Digestive Enzymes

Replacing digestive enzymes is important because enzymes are catalysts of all chemical changes that take place in the body.

Did you know …

  • that enzymes are found in the food we eat (if it's not cooked to death) as well as in our bodies?

  • without enzymes, our body functions would be too slow to sustain life?

  • each person is born with a limited potential for enzymes?

  • enzymes that exist naturally in foods are destroyed by heat, wilting or other abuse prior to digestion, therefore the body must create new ones before it can properly digest the food? Thus the need to replace.

  • under a microscope, cancer cells behave much like placental cells, both of which stop growing when the fetus develops pancreatic digestive enzymes?

  • a lack of digestive enzymes, which decrease with age, causes intestinal leakiness?

  • that hydrochloric acid, part of our digestion in the stomach, is also part of liver detoxification, which reduces the amount of homocysteine that is toxic to our bodies?

Digestive System Overview

"The digestive system is the means by which the body transforms food into the energy it needs to build, repair and fuel itself. On average, an adult body processes roughly 1 1/2 gallons of digested food, liquids and digestive secretions each day.

"Digestion begins in the mouth, where food is chewed by the teeth and mixed with saliva.

[Teri here: This is an all too often skipped process in our hurry to shovel the food in and swallow! Chewing your food more could very well be one of your 'small steps' to making the healthy changes you need.]

The saliva helps lubricate both the mouth and the food and dissolves food particles to enhance taste and facilitate swallowing. Saliva also cleanses the mouth.

"Chewing is important because as food is ground into increasingly fine particles, digestive juices containing enzymes mix with it. The more thoroughly food is chewed, the more complete the digestive functions are that occur at this point.

[Me again: Chew your food!]

"Once food is swallowed, it travels through the throat or pharynx to the esophagus. Both the pharynx and the esophagus are muscular tubes that work through a series of contractions to move the food along and eventually empty it into the stomach. The stomach then churns it into a paste called chyme, which is easier to digest. Some of the components of the food, such as water and sugar, are absorbed directly from the stomach into the bloodstream.

"The next stop is the pyloric sphincter, which serves as the gateway to the small intestines. The digestion of starches, proteins and fat occurs in the small intestine with the help of secretions that originate in the pancreas, liver and intestinal villi."

(NSP from A to Z, Body Systems & Sales Aids. Aside from the obvious, any bold or italics in text are mine)

Many factors such as overeating, constant snacking, diluting digestive secretions with liquids increase the need for replacing these necessary enzymes.

Another factor to consider is that as people age, starting between ages 35-45, the amount of hydrochloric acid their bodies produce decreases.

A few of the supplements I recommend to my clients to replace these important enzymes are: Proactazyme Plus, PDA Capsules, Lactase Plus, Hi Lipase, Food Enzymes Capsules, Protease - High Potency, and Protease Plus. Choose Quality (see below).

NOTE: Never let anyone tell you you have to take masses of herbs and supplements. In my experience, that would be extrememly rare. You only need to replace enzymes with one of these. Which one depends upon the individual.

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Choosing quality herbs and supplements is important to a womans health. For over 15 years I have recommended these. A great way to replace digestive enzymes. I also highly recommend using the wholesale option.

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